I shall, we shall vs I will, you will

is it considered “posh” to say. I shall be good?

Simply stated: ‘shall’ is disappearing from the language. So it sounds old, not ‘posh’, to me.

It sounds okay to me, but then, I’m old.

And posh?

Seriously, the only context in which I’ve ever used ‘shall’, that I can recall, is ‘Shall I/we?’, the question or suggestion.

Wot, me? Posh? Gahhhhhhhhhhhn!

See it in writing more than you hear it. I can’t remember the last time I heard it.

You two are just sooooo vulgar!
You obviously move in the wrong circles, dahliiiings.

Shall I hand you guns to settle the dispute (like they used to in the good old days)?

No need of firearms. I shall be magnanimous.


I’d like to add another perspective to ‘shall’. I can’t see it has anything to do with ‘posh’ or ‘old’. To me it simply expresses a serious, if not grim, determination. Take this:

A You make sure you drive carefully.

B I shall, don’t worry.

Again when linked to the modal form ‘have to’ it has the same sense of determination as in:

A You’re surely not going to do as he says, are you?

B I shall have to. I don’t have any other choice.