I need some help with my profile


Its a wonderful Forum which I discovered incedentally while surfing on the internet. I need some help with my profile.

My profile is as follows:
10: 70%
12: 75%
B Tech CSE: 66% (2005 passout)
Experience: about 6 months in Dell (call centre).
TOEFL: 293
GRE: 1120 (V 420 & Q 700)
I am interested in MS in Computer Science.
Universities applied to:

University of Cincinnati
Illinois Institute of Technology
California State University, Chico
New Jersey Institute of Technology

I am seeking help with:

  1. Is the profile that I have, sufficent enough to get me into any of the above stated institutes?
  2. Is there even a remote possibility of getting any financial aid with the above profile in any of the institutes listed above?
  3. I know that my GRE score is really bad, so, would taking the GRE exam again be beneficial and if so how and how much?
  4. What should be the least GRE score that I should be eyeing at If I want to try Clemson University.

Right now I have already started for my prepration, but your suggestions can really help in decinding the right thing to do.
Thank you.