I need personal opinions about 5 Universities

Hello good people! :smiley:

As i stated in the topic I need personal, sincere opnions about these 5 Universities:

  1. Queen Mary University
  2. Middlesex University
  3. London Metropolitan University
  4. University of Surrey
  5. University of Reading

Any info - I would be extremely grateful. Maybe some of your friends have studied/studied there? Maybe you know someone who is studying there now? Please!

P.S. Thank you a lot! :smiley:

Hello once again! I would be really grateful if someone answered my qst! PLS!

Hi Karina,

Sorry you haven’t had any response to your request for personal comments on the 5 universities. All I can suggest is that you go to the sites on the internet for the 5 places and you might find comments from other students. I have just looked up Queen Mary University’s website and I see there is a section on the site headed: What out students say. The others may also have similar sections. I know that these will not necessarily tell you what you want but it’s all I can suggest at the moment.

Good luck


Thank you Alan. Ive already looked up the pages of the universities as well as some students opinions. I have also found a very useful site istudy.iagora.com , where people can find information about work, studies and other stuff.
I just wanted to obtain some “real” info, from people that had been actually studying there. It would make the whole matter more up-to-date, I think.
I wanted to help my student who is going to study in UK. She has already applied for the universities and got in… but she wants to be completely sure, and get as many data as she can.
Anyway, thanks for your help Alan! Take care! :smiley: