'I love you so much' vs 'I love you so much, that...'

Could anyone tell me if there is any defference in meaning beetwen: I love you so much´ andI love you so much, that…´

Please the answer is very important for me.

As usual if someone correct my mistakes I will be gratefull.

Thanks in advanced

I love you so much = I love you very much = I love you a lot

You love him/her a lot. No strings attached.

I love you so much that I can pluck stars from the sky and strew them before you.

And if you are a practical guy, you could say,

I love you so much that I can buy that $10,000 diamond ring for you.

Here, you are trying to tell your beloved how much you love him/her and what you can do to show him/her love.

PS: I am not a teacher.

Thank you very much indeed. It’s exactely what I thought :smiley: