I Love Guns!

I love guns. But not to kill someone. Just to fire them to feel their power.


It seems most readers don’t like guns.

See, how unique these guns are as simple creations.

In fact, the evil lives in the finger which squeezes the trigger. Not in the guns themselves.


I love this guy a lot.

These guys are my favourites.

When I see it, I get hives all over my body! Horrible!!!

Really? You are a totally romantic kind then.

Have Gun!

To be a romantic person, means anguish and never fulfilment! Oh poor me.
No hope for me. Can gun be helpful in this case?

Maybe for suicide?


Hold a .45 at a man head and ask him, Will you marry me?

He surely will say, Yes, yes and yes.

But make sure there’s no bullet in it. Unless you might pull the trigger with your over zeal. And you’ll have a dead mate.


To commit suicide don’t use a gun, use a serpent like Cleopatra did. That would be more romantic.

What the pleasure to marry a man under threat of a gun?

No, no! I would never have such a wild idea.

And this suicide,- it was only the rhetorical question.

Life is too short to make it shorter anyway.

We should make use of it to the possible most distant point.

Be happy! Be happy of your life!