I like this web too much!

Thanks too much. What a useful web, I learnt a lot from doing exercises inspite of my first visiting.

Hey hoahuyen1 welcome to the forum! 8) Could you introduce yourself to us? Where are you from? How long have you been studying the langauge? etc.

Hi Clark,
Very happy to get your message.I’m from Viet nam.I have been learning English for 3years.And how about you?Where are you from? How is your studying?I’m bad at grammar, i’m also weak at words.Hope to learn from you new things.

I am from Mainland China, and Im planning to study economics in London. Which elements do you like most on this site? 8)

Hi, Clark. Tell please, about your approach of learning English.What language do you like best?
I guess, adult learnes should learn(first of all) grammer of English, second - learn many new words, and undoubtedly to speak and to hear English. I guess, child can not learn to swim without water and we can not speak and understand without talking. I am sure talking with friends in English is able to improve our skills.Very interesting for me to know:what language do you think? Have you the difference between your native language and English.( I tell about your skills)
I am from Ukraine. Now I am learning English with my child.
Adel. :slight_smile:

Hi Adel,
Well, for as long as my English is still very weak, and given that I live inside a ‘swimming pool’ to learn how to swim grammers are the main objectives for me to improve at this stage. The way to improve such weakness is one worth discussing about. To me for example, memorizing an around 600-word pure English article with Chinese translation aside by hard and typing them out onto word document give me plenty better abilities on writing, and this is done on a daily basis and is indeed a very hard and dedicating job to do.
Tell me what you think. 8)
I speak Chinese, and it’s totally different from English in terms of the structure.

Hi, Clark. Unfortunately, I have no the “swimming pool”. I watch TV in English and Internet helps me to learn grammer . I am very glad that we can share our opinions in this forum. I have no goal to pass English examination. I want to improve my very weak English only. It isn’t easy, but it is interesting.
Adel :slight_smile: