I like red colour

I like red colour. Is the sentence correct? Thanks.


I would say: ‘I like the coulour red’. It’s chosen from a range of colours and is more commonly used.


I think it is slightly redundant because even if you say, ‘I like red.’, it means that you are referring to the colour. It functions as a noun.

But when you say, ‘I like red flowers.’, it means that you like red-coloured flowers. And it functions as an adjective here.


There’s a lot of options and yours is, as usual, correct too. I was simply referring to the colour and what colour. I was also thinking of the wonderful motion picture ‘The Color Purple’, based on the novel by Alice Walker. I don’t think we should take theoretical matters that far, because we don’t want to use the advanced grammar that is taught at universities, especially in this case.@Anglophile Besides, I recall Alan saying once, ‘All those fuddy duddy grammar rules.’ Admittedly, we need those rules to a certain extent, but I think if you want to make something clear to people who don’t have any knowledge of them, you’ll only achieve the opposite of what you intended.