I know it's hard, but you have to stick with it

English Language Tests, Intermediate level

ESL/EFL Test #264 [color=blue]“Irregular Verbs Test (12)”, question 9

I know it’s hard, but you have to with it. You’ll graduate soon.

(a) stick
(b) stuck
(c) sticking

English Language Tests, Intermediate level

ESL/EFL Test #264 [color=blue]“Irregular Verbs Test (12)”, answer 9

I know it’s hard, but you have to stick with it. You’ll graduate soon.

Correct answer: (a) stick

After" have to" infinitive /without to/
stick with sb= remain loyal to sb; continue to support sb
3 forms:Stick, stuck, stuck

to stick with it=to be responsible for it, start new tasks after the graduation but within it?

to stick with it - to continue to work at it; to persevere.

Yes! HERE IT IS! stick with it

stick with it informal

to continue doing something even though it is difficult (even though it is difficult/hard but continue doing ; doesn’t it mean that he/she tries to cope with it ???)
-I know it’s hard but stick with it, and you’ll get there in the end. (the beginning of the example is identical with our example-sentence.

stick it to sb American, informal

to treat someone unfairly
-They really stick it to you when they realise you’re a foreigner.


stick to sth

to limit yourself to doing or using one particular thing and not change to anything else
-I’m sticking to my original plan.
-The others were all drinking champagne but I stuck to orange juice.
Could you stick to the point please? (= only talk about what you are supposed to talk about)

stick with sth informal

to do or use something as you had planned and not change to something else
-I think we’d better stick with our original plan.

stick with sb informal

to stay close to someone
-Stick with me and you won’t get lost. [usually an order]

if something that someone says sticks with you, you remember it
-One piece of advice she gave me has stuck with me ever since.

phrasal_berbs_14_(2)-Microsoft WORD (PDF)


Who deleted my letter to Saneta? I ask what is his opinion that we can replace stick with it WITH cope with it

Saneta couldn’t answer, but Beeezeees did it instead of her.

Okay, who has a problem with my letter to Saneta? Who has right to delete an innocent polite letter?

Question remains question. Very strange things happen here.

I am very sorry, but I ‘ve just realized that two of my letters had been deleted.

  1. The first I asked Sanata that what was her opinion about that stick with it can be replace cope with it.-it had been deleted.

After not Sanata answered but Beeezeees what it is there.

The second was: (I answered that ) “You are right, and I am very sorry but I have mistaken.”- it had been deleted also.

As the phrase was there : "it’s hard, but you have to do it" I should control what means really this: "stick with it "
stick with it = even though it is difficult you have to do it.
cope with it = to deal successfully with sth difficult.

I think in this sense they are synonyms.