i kindly ask you check this essay. why i love football.

In the life of every person should be something that could make him happy or inspire for higher attitudes, something to talk about by hours. Everyone should have the dream and aim to achieve. This is something personal, for one is the closest person, for another one is the movie or book. For me that is football…
Football is not just two teams consisting of 11 people running after a ball. For many people, this is the just sport and for someone’s football is the integral part of his life. For me, football - is the main inspiration, and my sport interest in some way connected with it. Football is my favorite sport branch.
When the game is more than the life, when emotions overwhelming, when your biggest wish is to win, when you struggle no matter of what… Here you should be ready for everything. When I’d just started I didn’t understand how people can break and destroy all after lose, or happily cry after winning. However, the more you get involved, the more it is difficult to understand how you lived before without such feelings. This is as drug. If you are in, it’s impossible to throw away. I am planning my weekends according to football calendar. And if I have to miss one match, the reason should be of life and death. Half an hour before the start of the game I sit in front of the TV or computer supporting my team with excited fast heartbeat. If they win that means the day has proved itself whereas the lost makes me think over the fact that winning is good but I love this team and will do this in any case. I will support them till the end, no matter of the final results.
In conclusion, football is part of my life and it is not only game but also sport branch which requires some skills. When you play football you can learn team work, you can learn motivation and you can get close friendship.

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Hi Lilly, your essay seemed very heartfelt and personal. You have some good ideas, but overall your essay did not seem to be organized very effectively. There were a lot of statements, but not really many reasons supporting your beliefs. I did like the part where you talked about preparing for each game and how you reacted based on the success or lack thereof of your team.