I just bought

I met it on one forum -
I just bought program and now I am trying to fix it bugs.
Mustn’t be here -
I’ve just bought…?

Hi Shaky,

I’ve repaired the only errors I found in your sentence (inside the quote above).

The simple past tense is grammatically fine there, and also sounds quite natural to my American ears, though the present perfect would also be quite acceptable. However, a speaker of BrE may possibly be more likely to use the present perfect in such a sentence.

[size=75]“A well installed microcode bug will be almost impossible to detect.” ~ Ken Thompson[/size]

I thought the word ‘just’ was used only in present perfect tense. Now I see I wasn’t right.

In my, a learner opinion, it must be

“I have just bought a program and now I am trying to fix its bugs.”

not because of “just” but grammar rules and sequence of tenses.

Thanks for correcting me.

The ‘have’ is optional and the sentence was okay without it. The change of tense leads to a slight difference, but both are fine.