I have problem and I need your help

Hi everybody
I want your opinion about some thing
I was hesitating between two things
the first is studying medical and the second is studying engineering because I love both of them
I also was hesitating between studying in Kuwait or in other country like Bahrain , Scotland and America .
but the mission delegation group of exchange students
finished fot this year I can join them the next year .
Do you thing it is better to study in my country or other country ? I forgot to tell you that two of my friends will study outside one in America and the second in Scotland .
I’m fraid because I will be with out my family and friends.
I don’t want to study here because it is hard and sometimes it depends on via ( wasta in Arabic ) .
I forgot to say that I’m one of the excellent student at high school :slight_smile:
please help me as much as you can so I can decide what to do because I’m really in a hard sitiuation ( position)
I’m waiting eagerly for your replies :smiley:

In fact its very difficult to try to help... as for me Id prefer to choose engineering for I think its more prestigious nowadays. As for the place where to study: well, its good to study abroad but at the same time your country may provide you with excellent education either! But still, studying abroad is a great fun!!! You can meet new people, new culture and so on…So, it may be both useful & interesting!!! And dont afraid of being without your family & friends!!! Your new friends wont let you stay borad all day long…Countries are hospitable to foreigners and especially to those who study…

Hi Kuwait friend,

As Jailbird pointed out it is your decision what and where to study and I agree with Jailbird - both options (stuying abroad and at home) have advantages. So, it’s probably a good idea to list all the benefits you can get if you study, say in the US, and make the same list for the Kuwait alternative. I could imagine that if you choose a good university in the US you will have a great opportunity to experience a variety of cultures, learn English and of course make new friends from around the world.
As for your profession - maybe, could combine both engineering with the medical field?[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, question-response: How many days are there in March?[YSaerTTEW443543]

thanks alot for your replies
and please if you know any thing about this problem write for me as soon as possiple .

I read all your replies when i were in dubai so I didn’t read it all .
could combine both engineering with the medical field?
I didn’T under stand this sentence can you please explain it for me ?