I have nothing enough to write.

Hello :slight_smile:

Are the sentences below acceptable?

[b]I have nothing enough to write.

I have nothing enough to say.[/b]

If they are not, how can we express them in a more natural way?

Also, What is the difference between the following sentences:

It’s evidence enough.
There is enough evidence.

Does “evidence” in the first sentence function as an adjective?

Thanks in advance for taking some time to answer my questions. :slight_smile:

i have nothing enough to write and say.[/b]

‘I don’t have enough to write and/or say.’ or ‘I have nothing to write and/or say.’
would be the correct versions of your sentences, Nie.

Sorrt, Madhubabu, but you’re incorrect this time.

There is no significant difference between ‘it’s evidence enough’ and ‘it’s enough evidence’.

Thank you so much Beeesneees.

You have no idea how much I appreciate your help. :slight_smile: