I HAVE Misunderstanding

HI ALL how are you i hope all good
to day i see video but i have misunderstand the video the girl have Laptop and open the image of It’s a family described her family for her friend

but the problem she when described she sed that and that is but the image neer to her

thanks alot

Dear Sultan
Unfortunately, your sentence fails to let me (and, most probably, others as well) know what you actually mean and want to convey?
Could you rephrase your post in an intelligible manner? Thanks.

Oh, I don’t think Sultan did such a very poor job of imparting information in a foreign language. I think that possibly this is the case:

Hi all,

How are you? I hope you are all good.

Today I watched a video but there is something I don’t understand. In the video the girl has her laptop open to the image of a family, and she is describing her family to her friend

The problem is that when she described her family, she said things such as “that is…” and “that is…”, but the image was right in front of her, and I expected her to use the term ‘that is’ of an object far away, rather than something close to her. I thought she would say “This is…” and not “That is…”.

Thanks a lot.

Hi Sultan,

We often use ‘that is’ when pointing out someone to somebody else, even if the person or image of the person is close to us. We would use ‘this is’ if we were introducing the people.

Your ‘possible’ version alone would have been better!

Better than what?

I have just gone through a few of your earlier posts, Sultan. While you are very thankful for the replies, you do not pay attention to the errors identified and explained. For instance, more than once you were told of this: There is no such word as ‘[color=red]alot’ in standard English. You need to write ‘[color=green]a lot’. But you continue to commit the same mistake, even in this post. A learner should be more careful so as to avoid recurrence of the wrong usage.