I have learned vs. I had learned

hallo Torsten
I want to know how and when to use: I have learned and I had learned

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“I have learned to speak English well.” (and I am still doing it.)
“I had learned my lesson.” (and now the lesson is over.)

“I have learned to ride a horse.” (So now I can ride horses.)
“I had learned to ride by the time I was three.” (Although I can still ride, I am no longer three.)

“I have learned the alphabet.” (And now I know the alphabet.)
I had learned the alphabet, but not well enough, because now I have forgotten it. (I no longer know it.)

I hope these examples help you understand that we use:
have learned… if the learning continues into the present,
had learned… if the learning took place in the past.

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Thank you for this simple clarification.

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