I have experience: preposition again, Present Simple/Perfect


“Repetition is the mother of learning”… :slight_smile:

Could you validate or correct me?

I have (got) an experience of riding a horse. (= just one time in my life I rode a horse. Up to now. Present perfect.)

I have () experience of riding a horse (= I am experienced in horse riding. It’s my skills/knowledge. Present Simple.)


Using experience countably here is not the usual approach, Tamara. It sounds odd to me. I have (had) experience riding a horse is the expected. It seems to require a more forceful enumeration: I have only one experience riding a horse-- and it was an unpleasant one.

Hi Tamara,

I would say: I have had the experience of riding a horse or I have experienced riding a horse. That would cover the one off experience.

Your other sentence I would put:

I have (had) experience in riding a horse That covers the idea of knowing about riding horses.



Thanks a lot, Mister Micawber and Alan.

‘I have had’ - yes, sorry, that’s my fault, I actually intended to write had, not got.

Alan, to me (with my Russian background) in riding horse would sound more natural.
Will it be an error if I use preposition in with experienced or it’s also acceptable?

Also, can I say something like ‘numerous experiences’ (or how to say that I have had lot’s of cases (countably) to become experienced (in) doing something?

Hi Tamara,

I think it’s important to distinguish between experience meaning acquired knowledge, which is uncountable and experience meaning encounter with (not the best word but I hope you know what I mean), which is countable.

So, you would use experience (uncountable) as in a job application: I have had a lot of experience in the field of public relations.

You would also use experience (countable):

It was a unique experience for me when I first saw the leaning tower of Pisa


Yes, Alan, thank you for the explanation.
Now I’ve read several dozens of examples from BNC given for experiences to understand it better.

For example,

I just tried to imagine what it would have felt like, but couldn’t draw on any past experiences.

I think, I’ve got it. Thank you!