I have a bankcard

Talking about ID


Woman: Where were you born?

Man: I was born in toronto, but my parents were born in Italy. So, I’m Italian-Canadian.

Woman: And I’m Chinese-Canadian, and I have the ID to prove it.

Man: Oh, you mean proof of identity?

Woman: Yes.

Man: I have lots of ID too, I have a bankcard, I have a birth certificate, Visa card, a license…


Which is correct:

1- I have a bankcard,

2- I have a bank card

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Both are used. I prefer two words. “Bankcard” tends to be used by banks as a marketing term for their product.

A bank card is a credit card issued by a bank. This is different than a credit card issued by a store, such as an Amazon card or Walmart card.


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I’ve usually heard of a bank card as being a debit/ATM card, rather than a credit card. Notice that he calls out his Visa card separately.


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The term ‘bank card’ might be used that way today, but the term predates debit cards and ATMs by quite a bit. “Major credit cards” like Mastercard and Visa didn’t come out until the mid-70s. Before that we had bank cards, store cards, gas cards, etc. I think ATMs started being common in the late 80s. I’m not sure when those videos were made, but the cars indicate that it was earlier than the late 80s.

It’s possible that his use of the term bank card is archaic and has a different meaning today.

As a side note, until about the early-mid 90s, banks in the US could not cross state lines. So each state had it’s own banks, and most were local or regional within the state. If you had a bank card from one state and tried to use it in another, they may not have heard of the bank before. On the other hand, some store cards and gas cards were national. Like a Sears card could be used at any Sears in any state. Same with a Standard Oil card. But a merchant might be reluctant to accept a bank card from a bank that they never even heard of.

Prior to the 90s, a bank with an ambitious name like “Bank of America” only operated in California. Wells Fargo also was California. Chase and Citibank operated in NY only. To this day there are no national banks in the US that I know of.


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