I guess that’s sort of the idea

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From the book Thank You for Being Late by Thomas Friedman.

Let’s start at what for me is the beginning: How did all these Jews get out to the Minnesota prairie and then gather in this unlikely town called St. Louis Park, where the biggest industry was a creosote plant? Minnesota was not the most natural or obvious place for Jews to settle. Indeed, in the press kit for the Coen brothers’ movie A Serious Man , Ethan Coen observed to the website MinnPost.com on September 25, 2009, that “to us the [flat midwestern] landscape with Jews on it is funny, you know? Maybe this is part of why we put in that little story [set in a shtetl] at the beginning of the movie, to kind of frame it. You look at a shtetl, and you go, ‘Right—Jews in a shtetl.’ And then you look at the prairie in Minnesota and you kind of think—or we kind of think, with some perspective on it, having moved out—‘What are we doing there?’ It just seems odd.” Joel Coen added: “Mel Brooks once had a song called ‘Jews in Space.’ I guess that’s sort of the idea.”

Does “I guess that’s sort of the idea” mean I guess/thnk that Jews in Minnesota is the same odd/strange thing as Jews in space?

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Yes, I think that is what the last sentence means.