I going to start preparing for GRE test can any one help me where to start with?

Hi guys i have planned take up my GRE exam by sept end …can any one tell me how to start preparing ? how to memorize all the words ? which book to use ? where can i get the software for free so that i am may use it for my preparations ? which book will be useful for preparing quants ?? please guide me i am really new to these things waiting for your replay :?:

You have to enrich your GRE vocabulary to start with. There are a lot of sites that will provide you a handful of tips on GRE vocabulary building. The most effective way to boost your score in a g-loaded exam like the GRE is to boost your vocabulary specifically for that exam.

Take advantage of two GRE secrets:

  1. The GRE tends to repeat itself in the vocabulary words it tests

  2. By predicting what words the GRE will test you on, and learning those words, it is possible to “outsmart” the GRE’s assumption that it can test your ability by measuring your vocabulary.

For a download on GRE vocabulary software, visit this site:
vocabularysoftware.net/gre-v … tware.html

There is some other way to prepare for GRE exams. practice test and online classes. It’s all easy and cheap. I recommended you to ask your problems with examville tutors They have latest updates for exams as well. They will suggest you how to get good score…

Hi guys…I am starting my GRE prep from now on…I really dont know where to start…I just bought Kaplan GRE in a box just for flash cards…I have some CD’s for preperation… but all my problem is…where to start and how can I memorize all those words. please help me how to get high score in GRE…


hi thr,

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this website may give you some tips
hope it can help you