I don't believe it (2)


There was a picture of a woman in most UK papers yesterday having trouble with her flip-flops (very casual and open sandals). She just couldn’t walk backwards or forwards. Her footwear was stuck in the melting tarmac of the road caused by the excessive heat. On certain roads the gritting machines were out yesterday - usually they come out in the winter to spray the roads so that cars don’t skid on the ice. Cool or what?



Incidentally, today morning I heard a report on the radio in which was talked about more than 12 centimeters deep tracks in the tarmac of the highway near the overpass Westhofen. As some trucks weigh about 40 tons they pressed the surface away.

All the day long street workers had to repair the street. I must say, when I was complaining about the heat in the hall where I worked (38,8 degree) today, I sometimes thought about these poor street worker.


P.S.: Alan, thanks for the word “tarmac”