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What about this? A newspaper report today informs us that men serving long sentences for serious crimes in a prison in the UK are complaining. They say that television reception is very poor and also that they are fed up with the long delays they experience waiting for goods to arrive that they have ordered from a shopping catalogue (Argos).


Alan, it would be good if those men had Internet access. Then they could express their opinions on their current situation and they would get away from watching TV which is one of the toughest punishments in modern society…[YSaerTTEW443543]

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New design of a prison cell:



Hm, I somehow miss the TV set and the phone to order new stuff from Argos… ;-)[YSaerTTEW443543]

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What strikes me as incongruous is the toilet (given the relative comfort of the rest of the cell). Having to use it in full view of the other inmate/s (and guards!) must be humiliating and degrading. Unless men don’t care about these things? To me, it seems quite a punishment in itself – I wonder if women’s cells are laid out differently.

is it a jail, so nice, like a home,

As far as I know women are more merciless, and mean to each other in prison than men. Even in civil world the ladys room is always in worse shape than the man’s room.
( No, I’m not obsessed with checking them every single day, but I just can’t ignore those voices in my head :slight_smile: )
And even if anyone was too shy for this open relationship with his cellpals,here comes the saying: all miracles last for three days.
I mean, this kind of things are the least of their problems in those years in that room.
I have an idea why you didn’t see TV and phone in the picture: they took their cellphones, and laptops with themselves out of the room.You just can’t leave these things in a room full of thiefs. :slight_smile:

Conchita, you really are a softy through and through. These are not bunnies; they are criminals. If a man has murdered a family, or raped a woman and cut up her face, or sexually molested children, or exploded a bomb in a building, or caused thousands of corporate employees to lose all their retirement money, I don’t really care if he’s humiliated by the placement of his toilet. Do you really think that being observed while tinkling or pinching a loaf is too much punishment for a rapist or murderer? Besides, the prisoners have to be observed this way, so that it can be seen whether the prisoners are about to throw their feces or a cup of urine at the guards. (This is attempted many times daily in a typical prison.)

In one of the states in the southern US, the chief prison officer reinstituted the use of chain gangs to do road and construction work. He was asked by outraged journalists whether it had ever occurred to him that the prisoners might be humiliated when they’re seen working on a chain gang. The prison chief replied, “Of course! That’s the purpose of chain gangs!”

I think everyone should read a book called “Life at the Bottom” by Theodore Dalrymple, the pseudonym of a retired British prison psychiatrist. I’m one of the few people who believes what he writes, because I’ve dealt face to face with the type of people he’s talking about.