I do not know what happened to me

I have kept practicing a lot but today, I have noticed poor score. I do not know how? But I have exam by tomorrow. Please give some tips.

When I was practicing before couple of day, I often get 16-19 in reading but today I got 13. I am worried. Please suggest me some tips to deal with it. I know nothing can be done in couple of hours.
But I need minimum 20 in reading. I noted 24 in listening. I hope I can maintain it but what should I do with reading?

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Don’t worry, and everything will be gone with wind… Athough the time I see this message is too late , I still hope you had a perfect score

Thank you.

I do not believe that I got 19 in Reading and less in listening(17)
My target was to bring minimum 80 but I got 74. Little bit disappointed but I am also happy because I improved from last exam, 54 to 74.
I am planning to give again to meet the requirement but I am not feeling well to give again because I know that I worked very hard to get required score but I could not get it.

Thanks to katty2010 and milily very much to give good tips. katty2010 supported me to review my essays and miliy shared useful tutorials to improve my punctuation. They are very useful. It helps me to clear my doubts. I am planning to give third time. I hope I will get full assistance from this forums and members.

Don’t give up, my friend~ I know the feeling you got, because i had it,too. I will have my second test the day after tomorrow. The first time , I got a lower socre than i imagined. At that times, I feel so sad that even give up my dream…But , you know, if we don’t jump, we cann’t touch our dream; if we jump, though can’t touch the moon, we can touch the star!

Best of luck for your exam

Good Luck , I will send some tricks needed for reading passage as well as for listening. :slight_smile: