I did it yesterday night VERSUS I did it last night

Please read:
Right or wrong?

I did it yesterday night.
=I did it last night.

He said he had done it last night.
=He said he had done it yesterday night.



Think about it! YesterDAY ??? night. Does that make sense?


I prefer these two:

You you seem to understand basic concept of time reference for indirect speech which is spoken on the same day as the direct speech correctly.

But native speakers will also often say sentence 2 this way:
He said he did it last night.

And I think most good grammar books mention this.

In my opinion, both did and had done would be correct for indirect speech in this particular case. (However, your teacher might possibly tell you that only had done is correct. And if that’s the case, then that’s what you’ll have to learn for your tests.)