I decided to put it into native speakers' hands

Hello everybody,

I’d like to know the difference between these 3 verbs ( presume , assume and suppose ) , the perfect usage for each one of them and if you provide me with some examples ,I will be grateful

What brings this question to my mind is that the other day I was listening to the Second American Presidential Debate and the governor Rommeny said : I presume I’m going to be president in 2014 . I said to myself if he said : I assume I’m going to be president in 2014 that would be the same . Am I right ? then , the verb " suppose " popped into my head lol , though I believe that the verbs " presume " and " assume " are closer to each others when it comes to meaning and usage more than " suppose "
Finally , I decided to put it into native speakers’ hands ^^

Thanks in advance


Interesting question!

Imagine a friend has told you that they have been invited to attend an important function. Your reaction could be:

I assume you will be going = I take it for granted that you will go = There is little doubt in my mind you will go.

I presume you will be going = I imagine you will go because it is an important function = I may be wrong but that’s what I believe you will do.

I suppose you will be going = Very similar to ‘assume’ but there is also the idea that I believe you have little choice in the matter.