I can't receive any private messages

Hi …

I can’t receive any private messages, Although I receive message on my e-mail …like this :
and it has this message :
Hello Hercules,

You have received a new private message to your account on “www.english-test.net” and you have requested that you be notified on this event. You can view your new message by clicking on the following link:

english-test.net/forum/privm … lder=inbox

Remember that you can always choose not to be notified of new messages by changing the appropriate setting in your profile. …

till now , there are three messages were lost and I don’t know what is the real reason !

P.S … Is there any person has a right to open my private messages ???


Herc, it can (also) happen if a person who sent you a PM then changed his/her mind and deleted it before it was read by you.

This is the main distinction between PM and e-mail messages :slight_smile:


Hi great Tamara

I don’t think that three persons had changed their mind in the same time and deleted their messages in the same time and in the same date !!!

by the way , how can I receive a message " a warning message " on my e-mail if they delete their messages ? :wink:


As far as I know, Tamara, we have no authority to delete PM’s that we have already sent to someone :wink:

Pamela, I meant you can delete any message from your Outbox and the message won’t be received (as it wil be deleted from the Inbox of your addressee) . Even thouh the notification had been sent (at the moment you press Submit button).

Herc, it actually could be just one hesitating person who did it three times, one by ones. :slight_smile:
As I understand, we can’t know the actual time of deletion.

Hi Pamela

You can delete a PM that you’ve sent if it is still in your “Outbox” (as Tamara has also mentioned).

If you have selected yes for the “Notify on new Private Message” option in your profile, then you will notice that I’ve just tested PM deletion. I’ve just sent you two PMs. But I deleted one of them (from the Outbox) after I sent it.


How can I receive a message " a warning message " on my e-mail if they delete their messages ?
and I think that " a warning message " arrives if I receive a new message and it was arrived into my inbox !!!

Hi Herc

As far as I know, as soon as someone clicks on “submit” the PM is sent to their outbox and an email notification is sent to you. You will receive this email notification whether the sender later decides to delete the PM or not.

This happened to me once. I wrote a PM to Tom and clicked on “submit”. A few minutes later I decided to delete the PM. (I don’t remember why exactly, but I think I probably decided to answer in the forum rather than in a PM.)

Poor Tom was mystified because he got the PM notification by email, but by the time he was logged onto the forum again, I had already deleted my PM to him. :shock:

A PM remains in the sender’s outbox until the other person actually picks up (reads) the PM. PMs don’t show up in my “Sentbox” until the other person has actually read the PM.


Amy is right on with her explanation. Great piece of writing. Thanks for that and Herc, please let us know if this answers your question.


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Herc, just to add to what Amy has said (about the e-mail notifications that are, in fact, the result of irreversible action - ‘submiting’).

Probably, the simplest way to consider that could be the following:

Your (as well as my, Amy’s or anyone else’s) Inbox consists of read and unread messages.
You are the full-right owner of all read messages, but you’re just a ‘half-owner’ of the unread ones (that currently are in your Inbox) as they are directly controlled by the persons who sent them (and who still have them in their Outbox(-es) and can edit or delete them at all).
You can consider an unread message as one, the same, message viewing at two ‘places’.

At the moment you read a message, you become its ‘owner’ and can have it in your box forever :slight_smile:
This your action also means that in your sender’s box the message is transferred to his/her Sentbox – and the direct connection between your Inbox and his/her Outbox - created by this message - no longer exists.
Now you can consider the initial message as two copied messages. :slight_smile: Deletion of any one doesn’t affect to other any more.


thanks a lot …