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Do you agree or disagree: In order to become financially responsible adults, children should manage their own money at a young age.

Most of us, including adults and children, would have dreamt of a situation that we don’t need to worry about if our money is enough for us to spend and never care about our financial problem. However, the reality is that most people, especially the adults, need to learn the wisdom of financial use in daily life and make a good plan to spend their money. In my opinion, it is necessary to teach the children managing their own money at a young age.

To begin with, it is not to say people cannot become financially responsible when they are grown-up, but nurturing a good habit of money management earlier could positively influence other personal aspects of a child during his growing up. That is to say children who manage the money well at a young age could have a good ability in other parts of their life, such as arranging their life, facing difficulties, and dealing with problems. For example, when I was in primary school, my father gave me some changes each week and told me to plan how to use the money by myself. After that I began to deposit my changes, and became awareness of if money should and need be spent on something or not. Being capable of managing my own money, I got a clearer thought and idea of how to plan and arrange my life.


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You could add in your introduction that some parents think kids shouldn’t be allowed to have any money at all. Money is only for adults and children will just waste it. Then say that children need to learn with small amounts of money in order to manage larger amounts well later on. Other possible points:

Children need to learn good budgeting habits early on
Children will be less spoiled if they have to earn and manage their own money
Children need to learn about banks, jobs, checks, credit cards
Children need to learn that borrowing money costs them extra, but saving money will allow them to earn interest

Just a few ideas.

thanks a lot, really give me some good ideas