I can not speak well, please help...

I need some help in order to improve my speaking skills. I am striving for toefl and I can not get enough grade in speaking part. If it is possible I want to practice speaking via msn or skype or sth else. Thank you for your help…

yeah,me too
My English is very bad, listen,speak,read,write everything about english I’m very bad
I’m so sad about it, everybody, can you help me?

neither can i. but repeated until you learned . lol.

Hi Oublieux, I’m in the same situation as you, I need to improve my english speaking skills, but I haven’t met any good english speakers around here. My MSN is kaff96@hotmail.com

Hi, guys!
i think you need to visit this link: english-test.net/forum/ftopi … onds_a_day
Pe’Ai Pro, yo’ve already been there, but you posted only a writing message.
Guys let’s try to speak!
I’m new here, too. And I begin my recording 2 or 3 days ago, but i like it, becaus i feel it really improves my speaking skills!
So, waiting for your records :slight_smile:

HI, i joined this site today and went through the link…wish i had joined before my TOEFL, could have scored better.Scored 105 in iBT.R-24, W-25 ,L-29 ,S -27.

speaking with the foreigner.

Hi, I dont know if you have the time for it but the best and fastest way would be a flight to Britain. Instead of staying in a hotel you book in to a youth hostel (the biggest you can find). Might not be the most comfortable place to stay but you will get in touch with many English speaking people and get many possibilities to improve your English. Even if you do not find any guests to talk to (what is quite unimaginable) get in touch with the hostel stuff. I used to work in a Scotish hostel and we often met up with customers after work to show them the true places to go.
Another possibility that helps me a lot is to look for interesting topics, choose on, write down some keywords and talk to yourself in the mirrow. Even it might seem a bit weird to people who live with you. :slight_smile: Of course all the other advices you got in this Forum are usefull either.