'I am positively amazed'


Actually, the general definition of to be amazed doesn’t bring any ‘plus’ or ‘minus’. Just amazed :slight_smile:

But when we claim: It’s amazing! – it’s about something good (positive).

Have you ever had a need to add [positively/negatively] saying ‘I am (…) amazed’ – to make your feeling more clear?

Hi Tamara,

Although it sounds a bit flat, I’m just amazed conveys that idea of being ‘very’ amazed. Also; I’m simply amazed.

I was just about to send another ‘do’ word when your ‘amazing’ question came up so here goes:

What a to-do! means What a fuss!

And without more ado I’ll say How do you do?


Thank you, Alan :slight_smile:

It’s an amazing way to do my to-do tasks! :slight_smile: