'I am not yet clear'


Could you give an explanation for the construction I am (not) clear used in different contexts?
(I am afraid, sometimes I am not that clear with it as I dream to be :slight_smile: :frowning: )

Just some my suggestions:

I am not quite clear = I am not sure
Am I clear? = Do you understand me? (I was trying to make myself clear, but I’m not sure I’ve been :))
I am not yet clear = (for the moment) I don’t understand some points


Hi Tamara,

I’ll try and clear this up for you.

I am not quite clear needs to be completed as in:

I’m (I am) not quite clear about the use of the subjunctive in English = I don’t quite understand it/I am not quite sure about it.

Am I clear? This is a little ambiguous and I think it is better to say: Am I making myself clear?

Again: I am not yet clear has really to be followed by about

The problem, at least to me, is that I am clear and Am I clear are now commonly used when talking about being free of a disease. For example: He was diagnosed with cancer 3 years ago but now he is clear and has been for 6 months.


Hi Alan

Thank you for your response.

My problem is that I’m not sure and I don’t understand sounds to me NOT as equivalents. Two different meanings…

Thank you for the ‘about’.
Is ‘I am not yet clear as to …’ also possible? (It seems that I saw something the like, but I’m not quite sure about that :slight_smile: now. )

If I am not mistaken, they also use that in the case of clearance of some criminal/police suspicions – after investigations?

My own clearance process with CRB (to get the permission to carry out some specific job) isn’t yet finished (I was told that in the UK it normally takes about three weeks).
When it eventually finishes I will be clear or cleared?
Or what? :slight_smile:

By the way, I also heard the expression win clear

P.S. Amy, once I promised to report about some of my troubles with Adjective vs. Past Participle – and this seems to be the case…