I am not done yet

I hear this sentence a lot specially in American movies.
I am not done yet
please explain how this sentence can be in the active voice
also shouldn’t we put have instead of am but if we do this the meaning will not be the same

Simply another way of saying “I have not finished” or “I plan to continue”.

Hi Waelsaeed

Basically, the word “done” is used as an adjective in that sentence. Look at definition 1 here:

If you try to change the word “am” to the word “have”, you will in essence change the sentence from a grammatically correct simple present tense sentence (using the verb BE in the active voice) to a grammatically incorrect present perfect sentence (using the verb DO in the active voice). Using the present perfect of DO (have done) would mean that the sentence requires a direct object. For example:

  • I haven’t done it yet.
  • I haven’t done my homework yet.

In case you were also wondering about the use of “yet”, that word is frequently used in combination with a variety of tenses, and it is not at all uncommon to use it with the simple present tense of the verb BE:

  • He isn’t here yet.
  • Are you hungry yet?

thanks Molly,I know it’s meaning and this was not what I ask about.
Thanks Amy for your reply .I think just to know that the word “done” is used as an adjective in that sentence is the answer for my question.

Hi Waelsaeed

I thought that would probably be enough for you, but I decided to explain it a bit further for the benefit of other members who might not know quite as much English as you do. :smiley: