I am new here

Hi everyone, I am new here, want to improve my English and find answers to all questions I often have. Hope I’ll also find good friends here :slight_smile:

Hello Lily, I am also a new member of this forum which I really find very helpful. I am fairly sure you will get a prompt reply from others to your questions and doubts.

Hello Lily, I am a member of this forum since last week. I try with two colleague for a LCCI exam. We also have a lot of questions and we recieved many reviews the very next day.
I certainly make a lot of mistakes, but I try.

Thanks everyone for replying :)))))

Hi lily,

We’re here for you… I am also new but i will make sure I would give you massive information too…
Cheers :slight_smile:

Thank you Clane!

Hi everyone. I have just joined! Sounds interesting to read ur participations and discuss issues related to English. Will surely be beneficial.

Hello everybody, I am here to learn and practice English because my English is weak on writing, and hopefully I will have a good English skill so that I study in my major. Thank you so much

Hello, everybody
I just joined. I have problem with my speaking and I want some help on that
Thanks all

Hi, everyone. My name’s Kath and I live in the Philippines. I would love to know more about English. Would anyone here be so kind to help me improve my communication skills? Thanks!

hi! everyone, my name is Ayca from Turkey.

Hello everyone!

My best wishes for you all in your English learning!


Hello everybody,

I have just join this course because I’m eager to move on with my English I can speak and I do understand English. I’m lucky that I live in New York. It does help a lot to communicate with people where ever you go.

I’m sorry I didn’t introduced myself. I’m from Bolivia S.A., and I have been in New York for a long time, however do to my mother’s illness I did go back home and stay there for quite a few years. That is the reason that my English got rusty, and most of all my spelling it’s embarrassing.


Hey Lily and Olanto! I am also new here ,i have been learning English for quite a long time,but still need some improvement . This is a great platform to learn and improve!

Hey Rsrlopera! I think you speak quite well,it’s okay to make spelling mistakes ,while you are in the phase of learning English or any other language. But i would like to point out few mistakes that you made in your above message :

1.When you use "did or did not “in a sentence, you use the 1st form of verb ,in your case it should have been " I didn’t introduce myself” and not “didn’t introduced”

  1. It’s “due” not “do” :due to my mother’s illness

  2. Not “i did go back home and stay there” you should have said " i went back home and stayed there" if you use “did” like you said “did go back home” this shows your stress on “going back home” or it shows that you are trying to convince some one that you really did go home. Since you are telling us the reason why you couldn’t learn English properly, you should simply use the “simple past tense” ,by using the second form of the verb which i just explained!


Hello Amy,

The pronoun ‘I’ is always written with a capital letter. You have spacing errors in your writing. The space comes after the full stop or comma and before the next word, not the other way around.

Thank you very much ! Yes I do have spacing errors in my writing! Next time i will be careful .

You still have spacing errors. There shouldn’t be a space before the full stop or exclamation mark. Also you still wrote the pronoun ‘I’ with a lowercase letter.

I’m too a new member in this forun and I like to emprove my skills in english language … and I would like know you more till we can help us to learn English …

hi all, am a new guy for this forum sites. i have found many useful info related to English Language. i hope that all the users will be helpful me.