I am going on vacation for a week


Hi, just a notice to all the ESL students working on essays. I will be going to the Netherlands this week. I am leaving Wednesday night and returning the following Wednesday. I will not have my computer, so I don’t think I’ll be able to evaluate any essays during that time. I will have my cell phone though, so hopefully I’ll be able to check in from time to time. My youngest son is playing soccer against a couple of local Dutch teams. We are staying in Volendam, but going to Amsterdam several days during our trip. Does anyone have any tips? Thanks!

edited - looking at my post, I realize native speakers can use the present progressive tense to talk about events in the future. Wow, I am sorry English is so crazy! :stuck_out_tongue:


Any chances you can postpone your journey for a because then we could meet up in the Netherlands :netherlands:.


No sorry I can’t. :frowning:
I never thought of that, I should have given you more warning.


Or you can visit us next week in Leipzig :grin:


I wish your son all the best, Luschen. Have a nice time!