I am Gemini like /as you.

Which form is correct: ,I am Gemini like /as you."
Thank you for your time!

I am a Gemini, like you.
I am a Gemini, as are you.
I am a Gemini too.

I use the article because this is an acceptable short form of ‘a person born under the sign of Gemini’.

‘Like’ and ‘as’ have different denotations. Compare: We work like a family <> We work as a family. The latter is ‘more committed/united’ in nature.

The denotion of each doesn’t matter because ‘as’ (without ‘are’) is not correct in this context.

What is to be understood here is ‘like’ and ‘as’ do not mean the same, and they are not interchangeable in such contexts either. I think the poster will note this grammatical nuance as illustrated in the comparison given while, of course, there is a growing tendency to use ‘like’ where ‘as’ will be formal and more suitable.