I am back after a long break?

I am back at last after a long break in the hospital ward. Nope, i am not a healthcare worker. I have been warded due to my sudden asthma attack during the night. Been warded for 2 weeks because of continuous relapse when they discharged me. They have put me under observation. I have all the intravenous needle marks all over my arms, been intubated, breathing through an oxygen mask connected to a nebulizer (my asthma medication), eating oral corticosteroid tablets. Fortunately, i have recovered from that deadly and scary disease.

Now i am back. :smiley: I am sooooo happy… hahaha… :wink:

Welcome back! I hope your health gets better from here!

Hi NS,

Great to have you back on the forum. What are you plans for this year?


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I wished to remain healthy. Torsten, i feel that my English is getting worst as i type. :oops:

As i was staying in the hospital, i was thinking very hard on what are the courses i am going to take after i have graduated from my school. I plan to study well for my basic sciences and hopefully, i can pass my MCAT and get accepted into a medical school.

:cry: But i am still an abnormal person (I am an asthma sufferer)… :cry: :cry:

Welcome back,But who said the asthma sufferer can not be accepted by a medical school?