I am as fine as fine can be

I am as fine as fine can be.

Is the sentence correct?



I would say so. As an alternative you could use the following sentence which is based on the same pattern: I’m as well as well can be.


Permit me a little “fine” tuning.

I’m not sure I’ve heard this, but it’s certainly a fine saying. It is informal - maybe a bit rural - so I would start with “I’m“.
This would also emphasize the saying itself and provide a better rhythm.

“I’m as fine as fine can be.”

In this case, I think “fine” means excellent rather than well or healthy, so that @Torsten’s alternative has a different, less optimistic, meaning.

I see now there is a love song “As fine as fine can be”.


I think I am fine as fine can be means you are OK with something. It’s similar to I’m OK with that. Very much OK with it.

The Gordon Lightfoot song is Fine as Fine Can Be.

The lyrics are You’re as fine as fine can be. The song is actually about his daughter, not a lover. It shows the joy and amazement of a parent toward their children. ( obviously when the kids are behaving themselves :slight_smile: )


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