I am a new member

Hi everybody !
I come from Vietnam .Nice to acquainted with every body espcial ESL teachers
Sorry about my English.I think that my English is not good.
So I need your help.I sugget that every day I’ll write a passage and you 'll fixed my mistake(about grammar,vocabulary,…)
I want to learn English! and I am grateful to all of you about the helpness/

Passage 1:
Which subject do you like?
Which subject do you like?With me , it is Mathematics ,History and Literature.
Maths is great passion in my life .I feel very happy when solve a difficult problem .Maths make my heart go on with its beautiful.Sometimes, in the life , I met with difficulties problems .By then when the sad flood my soul ,the only maths can bring sentiment glad in the life .My idol is Leonado Euler -a famous mathematican .I try your best to be a mathematican but I know that is exactly the dream .
Any way , maths is my intimate friend ,…forever so.

Which subject do you like?

[i]Which subject do you like? With me, it is Mathematics.

Mathematics is my great passion in life. I feel very happy when solving a difficult problem. Mathematics makes my heart throb with its beauty. Sometimes I meet with difficult problems; then, when sadness floods my soul, only mathematics can bring gladness into the life.

My idol is Leonado Euler, a famous mathematician. I am trying my best to be a mathematican, but I know that is only a dream.

Nevertheless, mathematics is my intimate friend, and will be so forever.[/i]

A period immediately follows the last letter of a sentence; then leave two blank spaces before starting the next sentence. A comma immediately follows the last letter of a phrase or clause; then leave one blank space before beginning the next word.

Yeah I love Maths, too !

Maths is my favourite subject. I love Maths. Although I am not really good at Maths, I love solving Maths problems. I wish I will become a Mathematician in the future. It isn’t only a dream. I’ll trying my best to reach that.


Anyway, speaking about math, it was a thing I used to love very much. When I was in high school, I was very good at math (compared to my classmates). I used to achieve good score in math. I always learnt everyday till then when I finished school, I gave it up.

As now, at college I major in tours and travel business which has nothing to do with specific math that I learnt. So I no longer learn math specifically.

Anyway, welcome to english-test.net and have a good time here…see you

Best regards,

Made Sariada (Bali, Indonesia)

Thank you for interest about my problem. I think you helped me very much.I am a student of College Technology in Vietnam.Now ,I will write a passage about my homeland and I hope that you can help me to perfect and fix it.
Thanks a lot .
Passage 2:
Vietnam_My beloved homeland

1Overview of Vietnam
Our country has an S-shape, streching to Camau cape with a sufface of 330.000 square kilometers and a population of more than seventy milions. Most people live on agriculture.The Red River and the Mekong River deltas are the two rice baskets of the whole country.Follow my knowledge ,Vietnam ranks two among the rice-exporting countries in the word .
Country’s heart is Hanoi capital . In our eyes, Hanoi is very beautify_ a refined beauty. If you come Vietnam , you will be to be made the most of clean air at Hoguom, and the old houses at Trangtien street .
We have five large cities : Hanoi, Haiphong, Hue, Danang, HoChiMinh and 59 provinces. We have over 54 nation but we always unite to contrust country.

Does any body interest about my problem?