"I am a doctor" - Could we make this sentence into Passive voice?

I am a doctor.

I think this sentence is in simple present tence and is Active Voice.

Could we make this sentence into Passive voice?

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Yes, we could:

I was made a doctor.

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Technically speaking, you cannot make your sentence passive.

The only way to express a similar idea in a passive sentence is to use a different verb (as Conchita has done).

  • I am a doctor. --> active
  • They made me a doctor. – > active
  • I was made a doctor. – > passive

My dear brother passive voice is something we use when we try to make object more important than subject so and I am a doctor you are saying … so this intransitive verb and in order to make passive you need to have transitive verb — for example you can’t make the passive of
I go to school (this is active) but can you make "School is gone by me … " no …
Passive Voice
so i have learnt all from this site … by search i found this website and really learn alot of things from it … as a brother i am suggesting you go and learn and meanwhile if you need help then let me know … okey brother !!!

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I’m afraid the suggestions imply more than the given active sentence implies. The assumptions also seem like a long shot. It’s the difference between “becoming” and “getting made.”
“I was made a doctor” could mean one was either born with the flair to practice medicine, or was forced to become one. Neither is an assumption one can make since the active sentence doesn’t say anything about this.

A better option might be – “What I am is a doctor.” This way you can avoid both assumptions and and still convey the essence of the original active. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Hello Ranman, welcome to our forum :wink:

Thank you very much for your comments which are really helpful. I take it English is your native language and you are a teacher and a linguist?


Thank you Torsten! Great to be here. I am a native speaker, but not a linguist. Just another copyeditor I’m afraid. :slight_smile: