I am a Chinese student.Now in UK. Searching...

My Chinese name is Yuanchen Zhu. But you can just call me John. I’d like to find someone who is interested in chatting and talking something we both like to discuss.
Therefore, I’d better introduce myself briefly.

I am just 19 years old. In fact, I am studying in a foundation course on science now. But I found my English speaking still extremely need to improve. I really want to find a friend online. Recently, I found the logical mind was also very important in speaking. I am trying to practise it. Hence,I need the chance to explain my opinons.

I think we can decide a topic first, and then talk about it later. I hope we can both enjoy it. If you will, please contact me. Thanks.

Hy John. I’ve heard a rumor that the Asian students in uk use to hang one with another more and less with the non-Asian ones. And that because of this and because of their conversations in Chinese or Japanese they know little English. Is it true?
By the way… Welcome, I am also 19 years old :slight_smile: !

I am not sure about what do you mean by “hang one with another”.If I understand properly, it maybe true in most situation. Some of my Chinese friends just do as you said.But they tend to do already know enough English to gain the confidence to talk with other foreign students calmly without big problems. Maybe I am the one who has not that confidence. Therefore, I want to practise “chatting” online which I think can be the first step to improve English speaking.
By the way, how is your situation?

I’m from Romania and I’m trying to get into Imperial College at London and if I don’t get there, at least at UCL or King’s for a study in Computer Science. My situation is that I’m trying to find out more about life in the UK, specifically London because that’s what I’m targeting right now, although I got accepted in Manchester. So, in September or October I may be in the same country as you are. In what city of the U.K. are you studying?

hi i like to write more about your country

I am now studying in HEFP, in Leaminton Spa. I’m trying to get into Univeristy of Southampton for EEE. And you mean you’re studying in your country now, do you?

No I do not mean so . I want to know about you and your country.