I agree (as consent) + third form person


I am not sure how is it correct to express a consent in the following structure:

“I agree that my child travel abroad” (not agreeing with a fact but granting a permission to do so), or
“I agree that my child travels abroad”. I feel the first sentence it is the correct one but would like to hear from someone who knows it for sure.

Thanks in advance and I would appreciate your suggestions

Hi Ackeiyword,

Your first sentence gives an example of what is called a mandative subjunctive, which is used after certain verbs indicating a particular requirement. The subjunctive of course suffered a decline in the 20th century and is sometimes now considered to be pretentious. For that reason ‘travels’ would more often than not be used. Of course you can circumnavigate the problem by changing this to:

I agree to let my child travel …