Hurricane Ida/ deaths

I wish to pay my respects to all the families who have lost one or more of their loved ones in all the states which were battered by Ida.


I fear these will not be the last victims of man-made climate change. This is just the beginning.

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I’m afraid you’re right and it’s not only New York that has been battered, also Spain had to deal again with floods. Yes, I totally agree with you, but as you said in another mail: ‘People are resistent to the truth.’ Over here and perhaps in Germany too, people are acting as if nothing has happened the past two and half years, while corona is winning again.
Last week, somebody asked me if I was ever going to buy a car again. When I said: ‘No’, the woman looked amazed. Even more amazed when I told her I was regularly riding my bike to buy my groceries… I’m sure this all makes sense to you.
However, I must say I’m very happy ABBA released two new songs - they’re absolutely beautiful, at least I think so. ‘I Still Have Faith in You’ and ‘Don’t Shut Me Down’. Abba songs always cheer me up, when I’m a bit down in the dumps. You can find them on You Tube. It’s amazing, how, after 39 years of abscence, the women’s voices have virtually not changed at all.


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