However + inversion?

One more question. :slight_smile:
Can we use inversion after However for the sake of emphasis?

For example, I was given the following transformation:
He always wears his old coat although he has many new clothes.

Could you tell me what’s the correct way to transform the sentence using However?

(I was thinking of the option However has he many new clothes, he always wears his old coat. But I am really not sure if it is correct. :oops: )

Hi Butterfly

Inversion doesn’t work that way with the word ‘however’. I can’t think of any examples in which subject and verb would be inverted after ‘however’ (unless the sentence is a question).

However,size=75[/size] you could write a sentence in which the object comes before the subject: :wink:

However[size=75] (2)[/size] many new clothes he has, he always wears his old coat. [size=92]
(This is more emphatic than your original sentence.)[/size]

The meaning of the word however in my sentence size=75[/size] is different from the meaning in your sentence size=75[/size]:

(1) however = nevertheless/in spite of that
(2) however = in your sentence: “no matter how many”


He has many new clothes. However, he always wears his old coat.
You can also put ‘however’ at the end of the second sentence:
He has many new clothes. He always wears his old coat, however.