How would you like to die?


My sincerest apologies for creating fey moments! But, does the idea that you are fast approaching your death ever disturb you? How do you ‘contemplate’ your death—I mean, how do you want to die? Have you ever thought about it? If someone asked me how I would like to die, I would waste no time in saying, “I would like to die peacefully in my sleep!” Like Hedy Lamarr,Queen Mother, Marilyn Monroe, Parveen Baby, to name but a few.

Your opinions on death…


Strange ‘example list’… Of super-star women

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Hi Tom,

I don’t worry too much about how I’m going to die, I’m much more preoccupied with how I want to live and what I can achieve. By the time I leave this place to move on to new territories I want to know what life is all about.

So, why waste your time with something you don’t have that much control over? Just concentrate on the important issues :-)…[YSaerTTEW443543]

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I have small question before I say about die!

I think is very important you think in death but the ways to die not very important

[color=red]the ways are different but the death one

I always think in after the death and I afraid I go to hell so I try do all well things even I go to paradise.

If I chose the way to death, I chose one of two ways:

first I want to die in war and I was defend on my affiance and my country and my people like which did Hozb-Allah in lebanon

second I love die on bosoming my loved who is I fought the world for her eyes and she touch my face in her hand and she pray for me.


Hi Mba

I would not wish to die in a war. War brings pain and suffering and death to many, many people and I would not want to wish for that.

I would wish for a world where people talk and listen to each other, where people respect each other, where people treat each other fairly, where people don’t see everything in terms of only winners and losers, where people can live happily to a ripe old age and then, surrounded by loved ones, go to meet their maker as they sleep peacefully in a peaceful world.


Bravo, Amy!

Unfortunately, we haven’t come a long way as far as wars are concerned, or rather, as far as man’s infantile necessity of warring is concerned. :roll:

What’s even sadder, we’ve still got a long way to go. :frowning: :x

Amy I was know you are angel not human

aright you write the best words

yes Amy really, I wish I lived in world…!! it doesn’t have any foes

but Amy when your country need to your help .I think you do any thing for your flown flag in sky.

dear Amy I said I defend on it … not attack on another country.

Amy let us pray for peaceful world


Hi Mba

No, I’m not an angel – I’m just a woman who hates the very idea of war and who believes that violence only leads to more violence. For me, that’s no way to live or die.

Sorry, I don’t understand wanting to die in a war of any kind. Think about it, Mba. If you died in a war, that would mean there was a war and you would not be the only one affected by it. Lots of people would suffer. And that’s why I don’t understand your wish. You do not seem to be a person who would want other people to suffer or lose family and friends or lose their homes or die. But that’s always what war brings.

I realize that my first post was very idealistic. There have been wars throughout the history of man and man never seems to learn how to do things any better. So, yes, let’s pray that the world can finally achieve something better.


I must say that nobody can make plans how he/she will die,I mean you can’t control this.Inspite of this, you can think how to live and how to change something to better not only for yourself,but for people around you,for your country,for peace.You can do something to die in the future in peace,without wars and conflicts.To die is easy thing, but to live is more difficult at the present moment.

I dont like to think about it but if I have to chose one way for dying I bet for the best one! Sleeping, one day when I was an older older lady and have certainty to know that I have been a good mother, wife, friend and human.

I dont want to lose my life knowing that I was a poor human just interested in myself.

That’s why everyday I wake up thinking that it’s going to be the best of my life, because it could be the last one, but at least I’ll be sure I’ll be death in peace.

I don’t like wars, in fact, I think that’s the only thing that I hate even when hating is a stupid feeling, but I feel it. I dont wish no one finding his end in a war. We are humans not beasts for killing one another just for a flag, I know that a flag could reflect our identity, our wishes in life but I think that even a flag with the colours of my country does not worth my life or your life nor any life, we are supposed to be reasonable each other but we’re not, that’s our mistake.

note: My English is so poor so I hope you understand what I mean.