How well do you know Belarus and its language?

In a few years Belarus will finally be a truly independent country with its own national identity and language. Still, many people do not know that Belarus is not part of Russia and that Belarusian is a Slavic language, similar to Polish and Ukrainian.

When Ukraine became independent from Russia in 1991, one of the first laws passed by the new government was to give official status to the Ukrainian language. Today, the vast majority of Ukrainians understand Ukrainian, and more and more Ukrainians speak Ukrainian instead of Russian. If Belarus also wants to become independent, it will have to make a decision about its national language.

Will they make an effort to revive it, or will they continue to neglect it? Belarusian has been classified as an endangered language by the UN, but it is not too late to save it. We want to help keep the Belarusian language alive, because thousands of generations have developed and nurtured this beautiful language, which belongs to all who love and enjoy using it. That is why we have started to create a series of Belarusian language quizzes, and this one is intended for people who want to travel to Belarus as tourists and visitors:

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