How we call students of different years

I found that there are different words used for students.

freshman -> first year
sophomore -> second year
junior -> third year
senior -> last year.

My questions are :

  1. Are these names used worldwide or only in US ?
  2. How about students on 4th, 5th years and so on ?
    As far as I know, students of medical faculties have 7-year-course in universities.

I think they are only used in America. in America, you don’t get to be a medical student till you finish your undergraduate education, which, in most cases, lasts four years. Then you can go on to a medical school to become a doctor. The 6th and 7th year would probably be considered as graduate education in America.

Hi gianglt

Freshman, sophmore, junior and senior are used for the fours years you typically spend to earn a BA or BS degree at university in the USA.

For postgraduate degrees, I would expect people to say things like “He’s a first year law student” or “She’s in her second year of medical school.”