How to write a good essay?

I am wondering how to write a good essay.Could you plesae spare your free time to help me with this topic?Just outline is fine:
Sometimes best actions take in a difficult work,simply do nothing.Write about evidence illustrating the truth of this statement.
Thanks in advance!
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The main feature of a good essay is its shape. In other words it should broadly contain three parts: (Beginning) An introduction - (Middle) The development of the topic and (The end) where you bring together all the points and reach a conclusion. Easier said than done? Try this formula and let’s have a look at it. One important warning: don’t immediately describe your title. Start with an original idea that leads into your title.


Well, my problem in writing is that my language is not that idionmatic or stylistic.
So, as an esl learner, i am eager to know how to beautify my language in expository essays?

Thanks a lot!

I have the same problem here. I cant write an essay very well. I cant use my own world to describe it. Because English is not my native language and my friends. So my friends also got this trouble too. In this way, they decided to write one by their own language and after this they translate it to English. Do you think this is efficiency and effective to improve writing skill.? :X

hello, i speak a little English, i have an exam the next month, and i have to do an eassy, can anybody help me? i could send it by email.
other question is good by email or on email. which preposition is?
thank you very much.

" By email " is fine, but you don’t have to do that. Just post it on here in the essay’s thread and it will be assessed.


Hi I got an essay corrected by a British person once and he found out I had made many linguistic mistakes. I have checked my essay for grammer mistakes and spelling mistakes as I could spellcheck it before sending it to him. I can’t spellcheck a message before I send it to this forum and that is bad I think. I make to many typos.

" I can’t spell check a message before I send it to this forum and that is bad I think. I make to many typos. "

Maria, you can download the Firefox spell-checker from Google. Then cut-and-paste your message onto the Forum.


Maria, Firefox does have an excellent built in spell checker, and there are numerous add-on spell checkers for most of the browsers in common use.

Alternately, you can type your forum posts in a word-processing program, and spell-check them there, then cut and paste into a forum post.

The grammar checkers, are in my opinion, not nearly as useful. Beyond basic simple grammar errors, I find that they aren’t terribly reliable.

What is the difference between the following sentences
“I can’t spell check a message before I send it [out?]” and
“I can’t spell check a message before sending it [out??]”??

Thank you Alan
I like your viewpoint.

Here is I found general essay parts, introduction, argumentative body, conclusions
it structure standardized or allow some free form writing