How to use yet?


Could you please guide me to learn different usage of yet?



Yet can be an adverb meaning:

1 - up till now/up till this time: has he come yet? I haven’t seen him yet; I have nothing to say as yet.

2 - in spite of everything: he’s not among the leaders but he could win yet.

3 - even: yet more people; he ate yet another cake.

It can also be a conjunction meaning still/but: she hasn’t got many friends, yet everyone likes her.

You can use a comma to separate two clauses that are joined by ‘yet’, which is then treated as coordinating conjunction.

Your sentences are correct, yet the comma can also be omitted between two short clauses.

Hello ALL:
I am Sun,I come from Hong kong, I am not good at english,here,the word “yet” always make me confusion. how to use yet? please try to give an example,thank a lot. :shock:

This old thead might be of some use:

How to use ‘yet’?