How to use the word 'neither' correctly?

Hey Friends,
If somebody didn’t know someting, and I want to let him know that I also didn’t know about it, can I say:
neither did I know?

Hi spencer,

You would say simply: Neither did I. There is no need to repeat the main verb.

You understood, didn’t you?


Hi All,
This must be a stupid question, because nobody bothers to answer.
Well ,I update it, so I’ll be too annoying to ignore me.
Of course I was kidding, I know You didn’t respond, because nobady knows the answer :slight_smile:
But if someone out there possessing the knowledge of this stuff I’m talking about, please stop hidding it from me,
and let me live happily ever after,

By the way, wich one is correct:
Hidding it before me
from me
or from before me
If I’m ironic, at least I should do it properly, shouldn’t I?
Thanks in advance

Back to the main question, if I’m starting a sentence with neither,can I continue with know?
Like: Neither did I know, but at least I asked?