How to use the (and/or) construct with more than 3 words?

I want to say that something is composed of water and/or sugar and/or salt.

Is it correct to use the comma in this situation (imagine that there were more than 3 ingredients):

The sun is composed of water, sugar and/or salt.

Can the comma be used? If not, is there any other way to say this, without using the (and/or) to separate all the ingredients?


Yes, I’d say it is clear; but “and/or” is a bit ugly: you would not use it in a polished text, only in a technical document or something like that.
You could rephrase it thus: “the sun is composed of one or more of [the following / these] materials: water, sugar, salt”.

Thanks for the answer. Do you think and/or could be use in a MSc dissertation thesis?