how to use "get"?

I am Trang.
Yesterday, my teacher give me a homework. But I have some difficulty in using “get” and some set phrase of “get”.
Could you help me, please?
Thanks in advance ! :smiley:

I believe you can say these:

Get out of here!
The other day I have gotten a driver licence
Don’t be such a twit, get a life! (slang)
You’d better get cracking on your homework (slang, means to start doing your homework)

You can find much more examples on this site: … chword=get

By the way, in my opinion your first sentence contains an error: it should read “Yesterday, my teacher gave me some homework” :wink:


You might like to see some material I’ve written for the site on ‘get’.


Thanks! But I don’t readlly understand it clearly. Could you give me the other explainnation more obviously.
Thank very much!!!

Hello Trang,
It’s many way to use “get”:

  • in some ways, you can use get instead of be in passive sentences: get hurt, get offered, …
  • you can use get in the structure: “get someone to do something”: i get my friends to move this table.
  • you can use “get+adj”: hurry up, i’m getting hungry.
  • get to place = arrive
  • "get into = enter
  • get on, get off a bus/a train/a plane…
  • get used to + verb_ing = something you often did in the past, but you don’t do it any more.
  • some phrase of get: get married, get dressed, get divorced, get changed, get a bus, get a train,…