How to use "at + TIME"?

See here again;
Please give the meanings and sample sentences

  1. at a time
  2. at one time
  3. at this time
  4. at that time
  5. at all time
  6. at any time


An ESL/EFL Upper Intermediate Student


  1. at a time-- occurring at the same instance. I usually have one girlfriend at a time.
  2. at one time – as #1
  3. at this time – now. At this time, I have two girlfriends.
  4. at that time --then. At that time, I had two girlfriends.
  5. (X) at all time – not English. At all times = constantly. I like girls at all times.
  6. at any time – during an indeterminate instance. If at any time you want a boyfriend, just call me.


One more possibility that could be added to Mr. M’s girlfriend/boyfriend list:

  1. at one time – at an unstated time in the past:
    At one time Mr. Micawber had eight girlfriends, but that didn’t work out since there are only seven days in a week. :lol:



Right you are-- thanks.

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Thanks a lot Amy
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