How to use "As"?

Hello everyone,

how are you ? i hope so

guys and teachers please i have got confused , i don’t know how can i use " as "

but honestly i know some sentence that i should use “as” for example :
write something as long as you can = short example ><"
Are there any specific time ?!

i am waiting your reply !

Patriot Sa

Hello. Patriot Sa-- and welcome to

Your question is not clear to me. ‘As long as you can’ is all right, but the rest of your example is not. Try these:

Write as long an essay as you can.
Hold your breath as long as you can.
I am not as strong as Herakles.
A banana is as yellow as a grapefruit.
He is dressed as a policeman.
I like you as you are.

Hi Patriot,

There are two main uses of ‘as’. It is used for comparisons - Charlie and George are the same height = Charlie is as tall as George/George is as tall as Charlie.

It can also be used to suggest ‘when’ (a) or ‘because’ (b) at the start of sentences -

(a) It started to rain as I was driving through the town.

(b) I had to use my umbrella as it was raining.


Thank you very much
Mister Micawber’s and Alan.
It is clear now.